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Reward Points


Reward points are automatically added to your account with every purchase you make online. For every dollar you spend, one point is added to your account. (20 points = $1.00) To redeem your points, go to the main page of and scroll towards the bottom. Select Reward Program from the options on the right hand side. From this screen, you are able to log into your account to view your rewards. Once you're logged in, the next screen will show how many points you have available to redeem. You can redeem as many or as few points as you want at one time. If you redeem your points but don't place an order, the points will remain on your account and don't expire. (Note: If points are redeemed but not used, they will no longer be visible in the available points section, although they are still on your account for use.) The reward points discount will automatically deduct from your total on the final checkout screen, where you fill in your shipping and billing information. (The final checkout screen is the page after the My Cart screen, where you are able to view and alter all the items you are purchasing and must log in with your user name and password to complete your order.)

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