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How to turn your battery on/off


All our 400 mah to 1300 mah batteries have an on/off mechanism, to conserve battery life when not in use. To turn your battery on or off, click the power button five times very RAPIDLY. The power button on your battery should then flash quickly several times, to indicate that it is turning on or off. To test, press the power button one time. If your power button lights up, your battery is turned on and ready to use! If the button does not light up, then your battery is successfully turned off and is ready to store or put away. If you are not able to get your battery to turn on/off correctly, try speeding up the rhythm of your clicks. When these five clicks are not done in rapid succession, it will not register with your battery. ALL BATTERIES ARE TURNED OFF BEFORE SHIPPING. This helps to conserve battery life and e-liquid, in the case the power button on your battery were to be pressed accidentally, for example in your pocket or purse.  

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