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How to fill a Mystart Ego tank


To fill the Mystart Ego tank, first unscrew the black drip tip mouthpiece. Look directly down into your tank once the mouthpiece has been removed. You will see a small hole in the very center of the tank, with openings into the chamber of the tank on all sides. When filling your tank, you want to avoid the small center hole as much as possible. Tilt your tank slightly to one side and allow e-liquid to slowly drain into the tank until the chamber is filled to the top line marked on the side of the tank. If you are filling a tank for the first time, put 2-3 drops of e-liquid directly down the small center hole. (For the initial fill, 2-3 drops in this center hole primes the coil inside your tank and saturates the wicks directly over the coil.) Once your tank is filled, replace mouthpiece by screwing it back into place. Rotate your tank on its side to ensure the wicks in your tank are fully saturated and wait about 30 seconds. Attach to your battery and enjoy!

NOTE: If too much e-liquid is put into the center hole, the excess liquid may gurgle and weaken vapor production until it has completely burned off. You may also notice leaking from the mouthpiece after a draw or liquid running through the tank and into the connection of your battery if an excess of e-liquid is put into the center hole. If you have put too much liquid in the center hole of your tank, reattach your mouthpiece and blow through the tank. Excess liquid will be expelled through the bottom of your tank. Any remaining liquid will burn off after using the tank and taking several draws. 

How to fill instructions accompanied by pictures can be found on individual product pages as well.

These instructions for how to fill will also work for other top loading tanks, such as the Vision Ego, M3 and V3.  

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