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What is the difference between a cartomizer and a tank system with wicks?


Both tanks and cartomizers are used to hold e-liquid and produce vapor with your e-cig. Although their basic funtion is the same, they are very different products when looking at basic maintenance and ease of use. Cartomizers are basically a small amount of cotton, wrapped around a coil. To use a cartomizer, you must first saturate the cotton with about 25-35 drops of e-liquid (for initial fill only). As you continue using your e-cig, keep in mind regular cartomizers must be refilled with 5-8 drops into the cotton about every 25-30 puffs. If this is properly maintained, cartomizers have an average lifespan of about five to seven days. However, if cartomizers are not refilled correctly or often enough and the cotton filling is allowed to dry out, you may notice a distinct burnt taste. Once this burnt taste has become noticeable, it is persistent and, in order to achieve clear, clean flavor again, the cartomizer may need to be replaced entirely.

For many vapers, tanks are a highly preferred, easier to use, lower maintenance option. We sell a range of refillable tanks that vary in size and style. All varieties of tanks hold a greater amount of e-liquid vs cartomizers. Depending on which style you choose, tanks hold between 1.6ml to 5.0ml of liquid in a single fill. (One ml is roughly equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.) As these tanks hold more liquid, they need to be refilled far less often, maybe once or twice a day depending on usage. Unlike when using cartomizers, tanks also allow you to clearly see when you need to add liquid to your tank. If liquid is run too low, you may notice a slight burned taste from the wicks drying out slightly over the coil. Normally, when liquid is added to the tank, this burnt taste will diminish and the flavor will come back to normal. Typically, tanks and/or coils have an average lifespan of one to two weeks before they should be replaced. (We also sell a variety of tanks with changeable coils. With these products, tanks can be reused and the coil inside your tank can be replaced as needed.)

Although when it comes to ease of use and maintenance, tanks may win hands down as a customer favorite, cartomizers can still be a very useful product. Cartomizers provide a heavier and harsher hit, while tanks normally give a smoother hit with clear, clean flavor. Many heavier smokers who are accustomed to a harsher throat hit may prefer the hit they find with a cartomizer over the hit they get from a tank. 

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