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What nicotine level should I choose?


We carry all of our flavors in five different levels of nicotine concentrations, ranging from 0 mg to 24 mg. We recommend different levels based on your individual smoking habits. The list below will help give you an idea of which level to choose when first switching over from analog cigarettes to e-cigs.


24 mg- Strong- Best for those smoking over 1½ packs a day.

18 mg- Regular- Ideal for most pack a day smokers.

11 mg- Light- Best choice for those smoking about ½ pack daily. Those who smoke up to a pack a day of ultra light cigarettes may also prefer this lower concentration of nicotine vs. 18 mg.

6 mg- Ultra Light- Great for very light smokers who generally smoke less than ½ pack a day.

0 mg- No Nicotine- Just for the love of vaping! Allows you to still have the hand to mouth sensation of smoking and provides the great flavor you love, without the nicotine.


IMPORTANT: Higher mg levels are not made for everyone! Especially for those new to vaping, there can be a tendency to choose a nicotine level that is too high. We do not recommend starting with a higher level than you need, based on smoking habits as listed in the guide above. As e-cigs provide a concentrated dose of nicotine, starting with an mg level that is too high can cause the user to get a very harsh taste or can cause temporary dizziness or nausea.

Our varying nicotine levels also allow you the option to gradually wean yourself down from higher nic concentrations, without going cold turkey. Just step down to the next level when you feel ready.


(NOTE:  If the drop is too high, e-liquid of different mg’s can be mixed to create mid-steps between the levels we have available. For example, mixing ½ 11mg and ½ 18mg gives you a middle step of 14.5mg.)  

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