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Battery not working/ connecting to charger or tanks


If your battery is lighting up but not producing vapor when you pull, there are a couple easy methods to potentially solve this issue. First, try troubleshooting the issue by following the steps below. If your battery stops producing vapor suddenly but the power button is still lighting up, you may need to switch out your cartomizer, tank or coil. If you switch to a new tank or cartomizer and notice there is still no vapor production, the center plate in your battery connection may have been pushed down slightly. The center plate is a small circular plate located inside the connection of your battery, where you screw your tank and charger onto your battery.  This center plate can get pushed down either over time from repeatedly screwing tanks and cartos onto the battery or from over-tightening tanks. This keeps the battery from making a solid connection to your tank, so you won't get any vapor production.

If you’re also having issues getting your battery to connect to your USB charger, a depressed center plate may be the cause. (I.e. Light on USB charger does not turn red to indicate it is charging when battery is attached completely.) First, try gently cleaning your battery and USB connections with a dry Q-tip, as liquid buildup over time can prevent a clean connection.

If these initial steps do not solve your battery issue, try gently raising the center plate in your battery connection. This is very easy to do and may get your battery back in working order again. Using a small flat head screwdriver (like those used for eyeglass or jewelry repair), gently lift the edges of your center plate. A toothpick will typically also work very well if you do not have a small flathead screwdriver.

***Note- Don’t overdo it! You only want to lift your center plate up just enough to be sure it is able to cleanly connect with your chargers and tanks. Lifting too high or using excessive force will pull the center plate out of your battery.   


If these steps do not solve the issue, please call our tech support line for further assistance or open a ticket on our Help Desk and we will get back to you ASAP.   

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