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Why switch to electronic cigarettes versus regular cigarettes?


Although they are not approved by the FDA as a smoking cessation device, for many people, e-cigs can be a great alternative to regular analog cigarettes. Below are a few of the main benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes and ditching big tobacco.

Save Money!

It’s no secret that smoking is an expensive habit. The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is around $5.00, or even higher in some areas of the country. For a pack a day smoker, this means $35/week, $140/month or $1680/year. On average, switching over to an e-cig results in about 50% savings over what you’re spending on traditional tobacco products. (Where else can you find the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes for $5.99?) Follow the link below to calculate how much you could be saving. You can even compare average savings with our company versus our competitors to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible on the e-cig market. We know you’ll be impressed by how much you could start saving now!

Smoke Just about Anywhere

One of the great things about e-cigs is the “smoke” you exhale is actually just water vapor. (Hence the term ‘vaping’) Unlike regular cigarette smoke, the water vapor you exhale has no offensive odor. In fact, the vapor produced is, for the most part, odorless. The vapor from some e-liquid flavors does give off slight hints of the natural flavorings; however, these light scents dissipate quickly. This gives you the flexibility to smoke most places, without bothering those around you or dealing with lingering and pervasive cigarette smoke odor.  

Choose Your Nicotine Level

 You can also choose to vary and lower the level of nicotine you’re using with electronic cigarettes, allowing you to wean down your nicotine intake as you're ready. We carry all of our flavors in five different levels of nicotine concentrations, ranging from 0 mg to 24 mg. We recommend different levels based on your individual smoking habits. The list below will help give you an idea of which level to choose when first switching over from analog cigarettes to e-cigs.


24 mg- Strong- Best for those smoking over 1½ packs a day.

18 mg- Regular- Ideal for most pack a day smokers.

11 mg- Light- Best choice for those smoking about ½ pack daily. Those who smoke up to a pack a day of ultra light cigarettes may also prefer this lower concentration of nicotine vs. 18 mg.

6 mg- Ultra Light- Great for very light smokers who generally smoke less than ½ pack a day.

0 mg- No Nicotine- Just for the love of vaping! Allows you to still have the hand to mouth sensation of smoking and provides the great flavor you love, without the nicotine.

Choose your favorite flavor!

We carry over 70 flavors in all five nicotine mg levels, with something for everyone.

Don't want to give up that particular taste that only your brand of cigarettes can provide? No worries! We carry a wide range of tobacco and menthol flavors that are made to emulate different brands of cigarettes. Now you can keep smoking the Marlboros/Camels/Parliaments (just to name a few) you love and get the nicotine you crave, without the hundreds of harmful chemicals contained in analog cigarettes. 

Looking for something different? We also carry a wide variety of fruit, drink and amazing dessert flavors. Everything you can imagine from Fireball cinnamon to Peach Mango Mimosa to Dreamsicle! You can even create your own custom mixes and flavors by blending two or more e-liquids together to make something totally unique. Our wide, ever expanding, selection of flavors has something for vapers everywhere. Our flavors are so tempting and delicious, you won't want to go back to analog cigarettes again. 

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