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Steeping e-liquid/ Color and flavor change over time


Color change over time with e-liquid is completely normal and should be expected with many flavors. If e-liquid is allowed to sit for a period of time (usually several days up to two weeks, depending on the flavor) you will notice that the color darkens significantly. This process is called steeping e-liquid. In addition to the color change, as e-liquid is allowed to steep, flavor typically becomes stronger and sweeter. You may notice some flavors also thicken slightly as they are left to steep. Candy Cane and Blueberry Cotton Candy are two prime examples of this.


When fresh batches of many flavors are mixed (such as Blueberry, Banana Strawberry and Candy Cane, just to name a few) liquid color is often very light and may have a slightly different coloration than previous bottles purchased of the same flavor and mg level. If you receive a lighter color liquid and feel the flavor is not quite strong enough, you may have received e-liquid from a batch that has just been produced. Try steeping your flavor for several days and allowing it to darken to its full color. This process will also make the flavor more pronounced. When steeping liquid, be sure to leave your flavor in a cool spot inside, out of direct sunlight. Exposure to high temperatures (such as leaving liquid sitting out in your car on warm days or in direct sunlight) can negatively affect the taste of ALL e-liquids and should be avoided.    

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